Lottie's Stuuco Venetian plaster is one of the most exciting and satisfying finished to the eye I have ever come across. Our hall had some old artex remaining and it was a revelation to get rid of that & achieve a wonderful wall finish which I never get tired of. Lottie carried out the work with maximum effeciency & minimum disruption. GLORIA HUNNIFORD

Over many happy collaborations, working with Lottie has produced some wonderful rooms, amazing effects, and stunning details. She translates a vague idea into a wonderful reality, always finding the perfect shade. Not easy to do as one of my requests was for a room " the colour of cappuccino with a shot of oyster", she got it right first time ! A great artist, innovative, with a huge repertoire of skills, reliable, and delightful, her work has turned houses into homes. M.P

Lottie Radford has worked here at the Oxford and Cambridge Club on a number of major projects. In particular the total restoration of our beautiful drawing room. Lottie's team were responsible for the entire decoration including the application of 1000 books of gold on the ceiling, the end result is magnificent. Also the main hall to the Club house was renovated and Lottie was responsible for the decoration including the wonderful faux marbling of the main pillars which have such an impact for anyone arriving through the front door. Lottie is a very dedicated professional who strives for perfection in all that she does. She achieves a high standard of finish and works will a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE CLUB